Saturday, January 31, 2009

V-Day Gift Guide: Little Somethings 3.

So let's say that you're significant other like scarves. Has them in all possible incarnation: cotton, wool, fleece, jersey, silk! Tye dye, plaid, houndstooth, and solids as well. Yet they still want more.

This may satisfy their cravings.

If they don't particularly fancy this color scheme, there are others available at this Etsy seller's store: she make each of the designs themselves.

Available at for $19.00.

V-Day Gift Guide: Shirts 2.

So you know someone and you kind of like this boy. And they kind of like you too.

But they also really really like coffee. And you conveniently know their shirt size!

you go.

A caffeine molecule shirt so your objet d'amour can announce his passion for drink that wakes him up at mornings and carries him through dark work-filled nights.

Available at for $16.00.

Friday, January 30, 2009

V-Day Gift Guide: Little Somethings 2.

Someone dear to you have a thing for cutesy animals and characters hanging from their bags? Or using them as keychains?

Take a look at these guys...I couldn't pick just one to feature..

Available here.

Made by a Singaporean couple, Leather Prince stocks the almost obscenely cute critters featured above. Also, they take custom orders! So if you want to have a charm made that looks like your recipient's favorite pet, feel free to make a request! I know for a fact that I am definitely putting in an order for a couple as soon as I have disposable income.

Just keep in mind that they will be on vacation till February 3rd, so all orders will ship that day!

Prices range from $16.50 to $17.50 at

V-Day Gift Guide: Home.

Got a significant lover that's kind o f messy? Want to give them something to help them get a little organized?


A nice, black & white illustrated tray. Keys, jewelry, wallet, iPod, or mail; it's their pick what they'll use it up for. If you feel bad giving it empty, fill it up with some stuff the recipient will appreciate. What with? Your pick! ;)

Available at for $25.00.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

V-Day Gift Guide: Shirts.

Got a guy that needs some new clothes? Does he like things that have designs, but are not too trendy? Is he eco-conscious?


A nice simple graphic print on a gray shirt. Not only is your man dressed, but he's promoting alternative energy! And he's also supporting independent vendors at Etsy. So it's all good.

Available at for $16.00.

V-Day Gift Guide: Accessories.

Got a photography lover in your life who needs a new bag?


A nice print featuring a Diana camera, that's the only complicated thing about this messenger bag. No fancy bells and whistles, just a simple, unisex bag. Good for those who just like things that are simple, straight, and to the point!

Available at for $20.00.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

V-Day Gift Guide: Jewelry.

If you just have to do jewelry, do something with meaning. Like a forget-me-(k)not ring!


Delicate and sweet. With an important message!

What can I say, I've always wanted one. Not necessarily have one give it to me, but I've always found them attractive.

Your choice of sterling silver or gold-filled at Fred Flare for $54.00

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


As a girl from Puerto Rico, I don't really know what winter is. To me, winter is complaining about the "extremely cold" 60 degree Farenheit weather we get at night during Christmas. And going to the beach during the day. Now I'm not saying that for you to hate me or punch me in the face the next time you see me. It's just the truth.

That said, I have no experience with the cold. As Damian has so articulately pointed out many times, I'm a wuss. The slightest breeze and I turn into my superhero alterego BW, Burrito Woman. Yes, that's right, you heard it here first. I look like a walking comforter: as if a bed's covers decided to sprout legs and walk around, that's how much I suck at dealing with the cold.

In the face of upcoming events that will indeed plunge me headfirst into cold that I most certainly have not known before, I have had to take drastic action. So to prepare, I've bought myself a coat. Actually, two. But I will feature my most recent buy here first. I bought it on sale at JCPenney for $43.00. It's black and white plaid. It has a funnel neck, which I adore. But I'm still scared I look like an old angry Russian hobo. And I say that not because I hate Russia or because I have anything against hobos. No, no! I've always wanted to go to Russia and I feel horribly sad when I see homeless people. But I'm scared I look like the Russian from Snatch when he was in Batman Begins.

See picture!

As you can see, I'm styling it already. I've decided that since it's a dressier coat, I'm going to wear my damn hats. Why? Because, by the Almighty Noodly Appendage, those hats have waited long enough to be taken out and used in appropriate weather. And, of course, boots, because I suck at conventional shoes when cold comes. Yay or nay?

My second coat is a decidely sportier? affair. It's from Old Navy and I bought it at half off back in October because after going to New York when it was 50 degrees and being saved by my cousin's puffer coat, I am a believer. It has a hoodie, with fake fur trim, which is totally hilarious. I bought it for function, not form. I wanted it white, but everyone question my sanity (IT WILL GET DIRTY, they said. YOU WILL LOOK GRIMY, they argued.) so I got it in a darker shade. Pictures will follow when I start getting stuff ready for my trip.

Second outfit is a reminder to myself on how to look on those off days. Because, seriously. Sometimes dressing up isn't so bad? And I am kicking myself for not buying that jacket. KICKING MYSELF. It was the softest leather I've ever a perfectly worn-in jacket after years of use. Ugh.

Excuse my expression and my lack of shoes. I was trying things on for crying out loud!

But I did get those pants. And those pants are going to travel with me. Oh yes.

Clearly, I have not been cured of my love for wide-leg pants. My mother weeps.

Oh, jeans for $11.00 at JCPenney. I feel weird shopping there, though...

V-Day Gift Guide: Little Somethings 1.

Sure, it's just a decal. But what it says means a lot. Of course, if you mean it. Or get it for yourself to remind you of what you should do instead of wanting to beat up that person who stole your parking. Though it's hard to do.

Put it on a mirror or on a wall they're sure to see. For $6.00, it's not really that big a loss!

Of course, this could easily be a DIY project if you have enough time and if you're stealth enough to do it without getting caught.

You can find the "Love" decal here.

V-Day Gift Guide: Chocolate!

Somebody you love like cocoa? A lot? How about giving them a hot mug on Valentine's? But not just any hot cocoa, no!

Go all the way! Give it to them with heart cut-out marshmallows!


If you want to be hardcore and DIY (do it yourself), cut out some hearts from regular marshmallows! :) Perhaps DIY is the way to go...seeing as it is only a single serving package. So take this as an idea!

Available at Fred Flare for $8.00.

Monday, January 26, 2009

V-Day Gift Guide: Paranormal?

So your significant other has a thing for the Chupacabra? Excellent! Here's the gift for them!

An art print depicting the infamous Chupacabra declaring his love to a fine feathered specimen. If the Chupacabra can do it, so can you. (Declare love that is...I'm not encouraging bestiality here...)

Available at Etsy for $15.00.

V-Day Gift Guide: Anatomy.

Let's say you have a significant other that's really into rib cages. And anatomically hearts. Or, well, they just have some sort of particular obsession with seeing the human body without the dermal and muscular layers? Perhaps they study medicine? Here's the card for you:

A freestanding ribcage that encases an anatomically correct heart.

Personally, I'm digging this like a fiend. I love it! I wouldn't even use it for a card, I'd buy it for myself and put it on my desk. Well, save it for when I have a desk.

Available at Etsy for $7.00.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

V-Day Gift Guide: Zombie lovers.

Got a zombie lover in your life? Here.

Since you can't give them your heart, at least give this heart-carrying zombie pillow!

If you can't afford it, I think this is easily a diy project! I have been tempted to do it myself, but since I want to move out, it's on my list of projects to do when I leave the nest.

Available at Etsy for $49.00.

"I kick ass for the Lord!"

Classic scene from Peter Jackson's Braindead, also known as Dead Alive. This was before he did Lord of the Rings, but I'm sure you figured!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

V-Day Gift Guide: Ninjas.

Got a significant other with a soft spot for ninjas? Here you go.

Ninja finger puppet valentine. Tiny, cute, and, geeky!

Found in Etsy.

Why a V-day gift guide?

Simple. I know some of us get totally and utterly lost as to what to do on Valentine's. Go all out? Ignore it altogether? Something economical, yet simple and sweet? And you don't only give presents to your partner, but to your friends and family as well. Well, those you like!

Here, I give options to everyone.

Also, I try to help you avoid the perils of cliché Valentine's presents, the most common ones as follows:

Underwear? NO. NO. NO. Unless the recipient specifically says, "Oh yes, I would love it if you gave me underwear that you consider sexy," avoid giving undergarments like the plague. Because, basically, it's a gift for the giver, not the recipient. It just means you want to see your significant other in that undergarment. So, drop the hint that maybe you would like to see your lover in that, and hopefully, they will acquiesce!

Candy: Look, everybody likes candy, given. But every year? On the same day? No. If you can't afford anything else, why don't you try to cook? Or bake your partner something? Even if it bombs, they will appreciate the effort. And probably help you!

Flowers: Flowers are never out of style. Never. See how important they are that I bolded and italicized the word? Flowers are always welcome, just don't do it once a year! And if you're doing it on Valentine's try to do something...original? Like my friend's boyfriend did: he got her a number of red roses that was a rose for each month they'd been together and one white rose that signified their future. That is made of win. Why? It makes clear that you know how long you've been together! It's thoughtful! Women love this!

Jewelry: Jewelry is always nice, but there is a problem: it's the safe gift. It's the one you can always go to without fail. That's why jewelry stores are always full to bursting around key holidays: Valentine's, Mother's Day, and Christmas. If your partner has been hankering for a particular piece of jewelry, then give it to them! If not, try to save it for a birthday or another important occasion. Or, better yet, give it as a "it's Tuesday, I love you" gift. That will get you brownie points forever.

So there you go. A somewhat brief guide. If you're not the Valentine type, then just ignore this post altogether. Just remember, you shouldn't reserve love, affection, and tokens of appreciation just for Valentine's.

Do it all damn year!

Friday, January 23, 2009

V-day Gift Guide...starting early, yes.

Yes, folks. I know some of you hate hate hate Valentine's because it's a capitalist scoundrel of a holiday that perpetuates the idea that one's significant other must only be rewarded once a year. I agree! But I also like red hearts and the original idea behind it. Plus. Candy!

So here's one for the guys (and gals?) to receive.

Have you ever wanted to give your male significant other a piece of jewelry that's not cheesy? That doesn't make him look like a poser? Then I have the perfect thing for you: here.

A stingray leather-accented sterling silver ring. The perfect mixture of manly jewelry and style, without going into the scary metro area. If Damian weren't anti-jewelry, I would've given him this puppy ages ago, that's how much I think this ring is awesome.

Can be found at Amazon for $59.99.

Want! Part 502 of who knows.

Oh no.

Oh no.

I am totally needing these shoes...

Why? I don't know? They're just...nuts. It's like an oxford went on a blind date with a wedge and ended up drunkenly in bed with the wedge and a boot.

This is awesome.

I would totally wear these with skinny jeans and a button-down to run errands on one of those nasty rainy days we've been getting lately.

Anybody feel like encouraging my fashion fantasies? Size 11, here.

(Edit: I'm totally digging these Onitsuka Tigers too...uuuuuuugh. I love gray.)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Something left for me in the morn.

(I like the black and white version I put both up!)

I woke up this morning and stumbled to the kitchen to find these beauties left for me. Well, I'll be darned if not all days have to start out shitty. Damian passed by my house on his way to work and left these for me! What a way to cheer me up people, seriously...I die (to quote Rachel Zoe, despite the fact that I don't like Rachel Zoe). And they're so damn bright and perky, how can I not feel good when I look at these beauties!

<3 Thank you, Damian.

So here are two more pictures from my day, one being my outfit pic...I'm trying to keep it up. My face is obscured by Domo-kun as my expression was somewhat bordering on murderous. Hunger + crazy work hours = never good. Anyway, perhaps this helps as a guide on appropriate dressing? Since I've seen some other instructors dress a bit...too...provocatively/inappropriately. The other is just the perfectly organized chaos I have on my office desk. With my beloved Tsuki the Third taking the center spot.

Good night everyone!

The winter of our discontent.

Well, maybe I'm exaggerating a little.

To say that the start of this new year has been bumpy could be an understatement. School driving me mad, papers and thesis threatening my sanity, intensely disliking my job, desperately wanting to move out, and other things that I will not mention here for the sake of privacy and respect. Though only two classes in, the majority of my students look so unhappy to be there. And upon correcting their essays, I'm unhappy too, because apparently they did not learn anything in the first part of the course. (Only two have taken the course previously with me, so I know those learned. THEY. HAD. TO.)

This was supposed to be an outfit post: every semester, I come up with the grand plan of photographing my work outfits. I always either forget, have no time, or come home so tired and disheveled that I just can it. I already missed one outfit, so I was going to try to make up and post the second. To try to spice things up (and mirror my then mood, which turned out to be foreshadowing) on Tuesday I decided to take a classroom picture when all the students had gone.

Little did I know that the face I made for the pic I would be having ten minutes later.

Stupid car dumped me again! I may have to hatch a plot (a Damian-suggested plot) of finding a way to give my car to the Mythbusters and making them blow it up.

Oh Jamie and Adam. If you read this, please make this poor girl's dream of redemption and violence come true!

Belt: thrifted, .25
Earrings: Kress .50 (and outfitted with sterling silver posts, so that ramped them up to a whole $1.50!)
Bangles: thrifted, .75 for about 8 bangles.
Dress: Isaac Mizrahi for Target, $9.99
Shoes not pictured: Liz Claiborne, $15.99
Nerdery, I mean, glasses: Cynthia Rowley, $47.00, JC Penney

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Polka polka polka dot!

First outfit post of 2009?

A little ray of much needed sunshine arrived in the mail today in form of my latest MJ purchase. In case anyone was wondering, yes, he is definitely one of my favorite designers! I scored it off the Bay for a whole $62.00 (shipping included), so I think it's a pretty swell deal for this cute, and decidedly perky, dress.

I bought it because I decided I needed some sort of...concrete? objective to aim for. And my aim for this dress is to wear it to commencement. Hopefully, this June. If not, next June, but I am definitely finishing this summer, even if I have to defend in July. But I will finish. So help me whoever's in charge of this place.

But we're not going to get into that right now!

By the way, I didn't chop off my head on purpose. I took the picture sideways because it was the only way the entire ensemble would fit in the picture. Silly mirror!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Staring at monitor, night 4.

So I'd been working pretty well for about three nights until school started, and that totally altered my system/work routine. Despite being sick today, I decided that, well. I'm already stuck at home anyway so might as well do something with myself that was productive. I'm up to page 17 of this God forsaken first chapter and I'm fairly sure I still have a little more to go.

Clearly, thesis is winning this fight. The whore.

But! I'm quite proud that I've progressed from 9 to 17 pages. That means, yay, I made 8 pages. And, really. For those that think writing is easy, go suck a spike covered penis. Really. Unless you're into that sort of thing. In which case, I just hope you fall face first into a pica pica pile.

Other than that, I have gotten some stuff in the mail (don't worry Tovi, I'll pay you tomorrow!). I just haven't been in the mood or condition to try stuff on and prance. That and my camera is stupid. Really. I need to get it fixed, but I don't have a back-up camera and I would feel naked without a camera!

I think I'm going to go to sleep soon...after all I have a fever and I've been awake far too long. Sick people need their rest.


Saturday, January 10, 2009

Thesis 1, Stella 0.5

I have confirmed that thesis is a monster that cannot be tamed. I say 15 pages, it says "you're going on 14 and you're still missing two sections!"

And then it laughs cruelly, spitefully in my face. And I weep.

Well, not really. I'm kind of past weeping and at violent anger right now.

Friday, January 09, 2009

The Several Day Itch.

So I don't know if any of you non-Puerto Ricans have heard of this little thing called pica-pica, which literally means itch itch. No, I don't know the actual name for it, just the one used colloquially. But, want to know something?

It really does effing itch.

You see, the damn thing is a wild grass: it grows anywhere. And it seems to be transporting itself in hefty quantities right about now through the wind. For several days.

Needless to say, I'm about 17.5 seconds from scratching my skin off.

I've taken showers, put water, tapped, done everything short of running around naked screaming and diving headfirst into a tub of cream. The worst thing is we don't have a dryer: we do drying the old fashioned way. Out in the yard.

Son of a bitch!

In an attempt to not think about this constant itching, I've been writing like mad. Right now, I'm taking a break because I just realized I've been writing for about three hours. I'm about 3-4 pages shy of my chapter goal and believe me, I didn't want to say that because I'm scared I'd be tempting the academic gods into slamming me with their almighty writer's block. But at the same time, I'm so tired and exhausted. Sometimes I just want to weep because I think, "shit. So much effort in typing this and they may very well just crucify it and chuck into the waste bin." Yes, negative thinking, but standards in theses have gone up radically ever since one particular thesis defense was likened to a horror movie. And not a good one.

However! I have decided that once I finish every chapter (aka, chapter gets fully approved), I'll get myself a little treat to celebrate this. Perhaps I'll buy a necklace or bracelet and add a charm whenever a chapter gets approved. And then, get something really big when I successfully defend my MOTHERFUCKING THESIS.

That's right, I used all caps.

Ah. To dream. And perchance, to sleep?

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

To-Do List

►Pay tuition fees.
►Return shirt at Old Navy.
►Get an agenda.
►Get travel guides.
►Request letters.
►Get clothes from tailor.
►And as always, clean my room.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

What Damian has to put up with.

(Not that he's some sort of saint or anything...)

(1:13:59 AM) osoroco: vat you up to
(1:14:22 AM) chuchulu: uuuuh
(1:14:29 AM) chuchulu: nothing?
(1:14:40 AM) osoroco: staring at ze monitor ?
(1:15:00 AM) chuchulu: shoooooeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees
(1:16:31 AM) chuchulu: i want to have unsafe relations with several pairs of shoes


...listening to Colors (Code Geass opening song).
...drinking (well, more precisely, feeling the aftermath of) coquito.
...has written two single spaced (which means four double space, yay!) pages of my transgender/media paper.
...reading Japanamerica by Ronald Kelts.
...craving shoes, craving shoes, craving shoes!
...wrestling allergies.
...plotting ways to start working out soon (body con dress!).
...wondering if there are any other females that are excited over the Terminator Salvation movie (and not because Christian Bale is in it. Very. Big. Plus. Though.)
...fully aware that Damian might want to kill Mr. Bale after reading that statement.
...going to bed!

But not before leaving you with latest boot obsession.

Gorgeous, no?

Saturday, January 03, 2009


For some reason, lately I've been very much into yellow. But not a "mellow" yellow (couldn't resist!), but intense almost neon shades of yellow. I don't know why. Before I'd been pretty afraid of yellow. But I guess I took it as a sartorial challenge and now I am looking for the most intense shades of yellow I can find. Oh well. If it worth doing, it's worth overdoing?

I've bought a couple of bright yellow articles of clothing, among them a fleece pullover for when I go traveling and a sleeveless shirt. Add to that some thrifted shirts from the Salvation Army. I also have some yellow bangles that may have started this craze. But right now, I'm craving this vest. I need this vest in my's insane.

Friday, January 02, 2009


Originally uploaded by chromachord.
Picture taken at Hacienda Buena Vista in Ponce.

Apple Bottom jeans, boots with the fur (WITH THE FUR).

Hello my freaky darlings! How have you been? First of all, I apologize for the extended and seriously unplanned disappearance. Tsuki, my laptop, fell and sustained virtual damage to its hard drive and is in the shop. AKA with Damian. And Hiro the desktop has been craptastic as well: it flashes the blue screen of death rampantly and is slower than the line at the mall during Black Friday.

Secondly, my very good friend Gloria flew down from the States to visit me so I was definitely showing her around PR! So now I'm sporting a brand new tan. I didn't seek this tan, mind you. I wear 75 SPF so that's how nasty the sun is down here and that is exactly just how much I don't spend time in the sun. My skin fried in 2.5 seconds. I mean, you can see one of my birthmarks, which is actually a sort of skin discoloration. Normally I'm so pale you can't see it.

Thirdly, the post title is totally Gloria's fault since her mission was to get that song stuck in my head and she has succeeded. And it doesn't help that on her last day here, we actually saw someone with Apple Bottom jeans.

Fourthly, a very happy holiday and new year to all that celebrate any sort of occasion during this time of year. And if you do not, I hope you've had a pleasant vacation! In Puerto Rico, it's still Christmas, so we have actually one more gift giving holiday to go! Oh, such festive Puerto Ricans.

Fifthly, I took a bunch of great pictures, but unfortunately, I have not uploaded them yet. I'm not used to working on the desktop anymore so I'm trying to avoid using it as much as possible. But, really, it seems that I will have no choice for a while.

Hopefully, I will update more regularly soon. With pictures! But for now, take care everyone.