Friday, June 26, 2009

Fashionable ex-con?

I finally finished the graphic design project: now I'm just waiting to hear if they have any comments or changes to be made. But it is done! Now I can completely focus on my thesis, photography, and DIY projects like this one:

My dog decided to make an appearance...I don't mind, but these are the only decent shots I got! The others consisted of her jumping up and down to get my attention. And I've got my summer clothes on: it's far too hot and humid to contemplate jeans or sleeves at this point.

Anyway, this was the first stage of the cardigan. I'm almost finished adding some extra fabric to the front, so I will update with that. Some might say it's too much strip, but I beg to differ...though I have my own particularly graphic and odd tastes, so it's clear I may think it's normal and others not! ;)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

The DIY continues.

I bought this skirt around two months or more ago, but it was too long. It hit a bit longer than mid-calf. Since I love bright pronounced prints, I couldn't pass it up and at .75 cents I was willing to fix it up myself.

Since it's too hot to do anything but sit in front of the fan and work, that's precisely what I've been doing lately. Catching up on all my DIY and working on my design projects. I had cut the excess fabric, but had yet to hem it. I decided that today was the day et voilá. A summer skirt that can be dressed up or down. I'm wearing it decidedly down because, honestly, it's too hot to put any effort on anything but properly ventilated outfits.

I feel like my face looks utterly silly in the picture, but, oh well. It's summer, it's hot, and I'm not going to wear any make-up right now.

Maybe it's a little too camp or weird, but I like it!

Monday, June 08, 2009

DIY Hairchain.

Not the best pic ever, but it will do, no?

Some time ago, I started this headband (headchain? hairchain?) after being inspired by the blog Childhood Flames. Originally it had some fabric too, but I didn't like it. I told myself I was going to change it, but I kept putting it in the backburner until yesterday when I found it and decided it was now or never. And I quite like how it looks. I'm also planning on making a single chain headband since I think it will look pretty and interesting, a lone chain adorning one's hair!

Today I was also up to making my friend Jen's birthday present. It isn't much since I'm strapped for cash, but I think it's nice...I edited, printed out and framed some pictures of her and her husband from their wedding and from our trip to New Orleans. The first one is a total surprise since I never showed them the pics I took at their wedding. But I'm not going to put them up here since that's their private life. But they're really cute.

Other than that, nothing much. Just going to continue working on the design project, tutor a teenager (yay additional summer gig!), and DIY a lot. In addition to writing my thesis, oh but of course...Most of the DIY will consist of sowing some thrifted stuff. I really want to finish fixing up a romper I bought months ago, but have had no time to focus on.

Until the next post! Let's see if my schedule let's up. And my sunburn stops hurting. Yum.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

X marks the spot...

This was not done on purpose...

I diligently apply and reapply sunblock when I go to the beach. I usually use 75 SPF, but this time I took 50 SPF because that's what I found in my cabinet. Yesterday, Damian and I went to the beach with my cousin and her husband and we did apply sunblock a couple of times. And this still happened. That's how nasty the sun can be in Puerto Rico.

We ended up snorkeling (for the first time ever together, first time in years separately) and seeing some nice stuff. But I also imagine that perhaps that's what caused this. Right now I'm engaging in an aloe, cocoa butter, and vitamin E cream regimen to calm down the pain. Because it hurts.

Other than that, lots of work on a design project (including working for three days on something that was just a background) and DIY projects that are part of the I'm-so-burnt-I-can't-really-do-anything condition I'm in. Will keep posting later on.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Maybe later?

I was going to do a post, but right now I'm just too exhausted...I've been working over 11 hours on a design project and I'm burnt out. For now, I distract you with canine cuteness:

Picture taken while doing a photoshoot for another project, which will hopefully be paid more attention to soon...

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Busy, busy, busy, & nerd porn.

I've been meaning to blog for a while here, but life has other plans. I've been getting called literally everyday these past two weeks for appointments and such so I've had very little time to blog. I managed to score a tutoring gig for the summer, so yay for income! So now I have the design gig and tutoring, plus my thesis occupying me. Additionally, my cousin from New York decided to drop by as a surprise, so there's been a lot of catching up. On a sadder note, my grandfather has to move (after hitting 80 and living in the same place for almost 20 cruel) so we're helping him out as best we can. That last bit is very sad and it's hit grandpa very hard, so we're trying to be as supportive and helpful as possible.

When I've had time, I've managed to sneak in a few DIY projects here and there. I finished the stud blazer, so when I can I will put pictures up of that. I also started working on a studded shirt. Both of these projects were inspired by Mimi Jeung of Brook & Lyn and Zana of Garbage Dress. But I will put pictures up when it's not 12:50 AM. Instead, I'll leave you with a picture of some books that arrived a little bit ago. I bought these at the PCA/ACA (Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association) joint conference at New Orleans, Louisiana. I haven't been able to read them yet as my time has been consumed by other unexpected activities. I want to dive into my pile of nerd porn! But I have been denied!

Until the next post, take care everyone!